CRM Pricing Guide in 2023

Understanding the cost of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a critical factor in the decision-making process for most businesses. In fact, research shows that 54% of CRM buyers consider the pricing plan offered by the vendor as the top decision criterion while making a purchase.1 While some solutions are more cost-effective and tailored for small businesses, others are more robust and require a significant investment, particularly for enterprise-level operations.

This CRM pricing guide aims to explain factors influencing CRM costs and a pricing benchmark on the available CRM software in the market.

How much does CRM cost?

Our benchmarking study showed that the basic CRM plans start from 5$ per user. However, determining the cost of a CRM system is not as straightforward as looking at a single price tag. The expense varies significantly based on a multitude of factors, such as the features you require, the size of your business, and the pricing model you choose. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider not just the upfront costs but also the long-term value and ROI the CRM system will bring to your organization.

CRM pricing models from the top 12 CRM platforms

Here, we looked at the pricing models of vendors offering CRM tools. We narrowed our vendor list using various criteria as there are many CRM providers on the market. We used certain criteria in calculating companies’ market presence because these factors are transparent and verifiable.

Therefore, we set certain limits to focus our work on top companies in terms of market presence, selecting firms with

  • 600+ employees
  • 400+ reviews on review platforms G2, Trustradius, and Capterra

The following companies fit these criteria:

1- Creatio

2- Pipedrive

3- HubSpot Sales Hub

4- Zendesk Sell

5- Freshsales

6- Quickbase

7- ClickUp

8- Salesforce Sales Cloud

9- monday Sales CRM

10- ActiveCampaign for Sales

11- SAP Sales Cloud

12- Zoho CRM

The data is based on vendor claims from their websites.

Vendors Free Trial Ratings* Pricing Pricing options
Creatio 14-day free trial 4.6/5 Starts from 25$ per user Monthly
Pipedrive 14-day free trial 4.3/5 Starts from 14.90$ per user Annually
HubSpot Sales Hub 14-day free trial 4.4/5 Starts from 50$ per 2 users Annually
Zendesk Sell 14-day free trial 4.1/5 Starts from 19$* per user Monthly and annually
Freshsales 21-day free trial 4.3/5 Starts from 15$* per user Monthly and annually
Quickbase 30-day free trial 4.5/5 Starts from 30$ per user Annually
ClickUp Unlimited free trial 4.6/5 Starts from 5$* per user Monthly and annually
Salesforce Sales Cloud 30-day free trial 4.3/5 Starts from 25$ per user Annually
monday Sales CRM 14-day free trial 4.5/5 Starts from 27$ per 3 users Annually
ActiveCampaign for Sales 14-day free trial 4.3/5 Starts from 49$ per user Annually
SAP Sales Cloud 30-day free trial 4.1/5 N/A Custom pricing only
Zoho CRM 15-day free trial 4.1/5 Starts from 49$* per user Monthly and annually

*These prices are relevant when paid annually. Monthly billing options are also available for a higher price.

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What are the factors influencing CRM pricing?

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1- Features provided by the vendor

The range of features offered by a CRM vendor can significantly impact the overall cost. Basic CRMs usually offer only the essential functions like:

  • Project management
  • Workflow automation
  • Email tracking
  • Task management
  • Lead management is usually available in lower-tier plans.

However, advanced features such as:

Businesses should carefully check whether the basic plan offered by vendors includes any advanced features. They should also assess their needs and only opt for plans that offer features they will actually use to avoid unnecessary expenses.

2- Size of the business

The size of your business, often measured by the number of employees who will use the CRM platform, is another significant factor in determining costs. Most CRM vendors offer tiered pricing based on the number of users. Larger businesses may also require more advanced features, like enterprise-level security and scalability, which can add to the cost.

3- Pricing model

CRM vendors offer 3 pricing models:

Annual payment

Many CRM providers offer annual payment plans, which usually come at a discounted rate compared to monthly plans. These are ideal for businesses that have a stable customer base and are looking for long-term solutions.

Monthly payment

Monthly payment plans offer more flexibility and are generally more suitable for startups or businesses that are still scaling. Businesses do not have to invest all of their money in a CRM system at once; instead, they can pay monthly and quickly cancel their membership if their needs are not met. However, they can be more expensive in the long run compared to annual billing.

Custom pricing plan

Some CRM providers offer custom pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of a business. These are often negotiable and may include additional services like training, data migration, and dedicated support.

4- Level of customization required

Some CRM solutions offer a high level of customization to fit the unique needs of a business. While this can be a significant advantage, it often comes with higher initial setup costs and may require ongoing maintenance. Customizable CRMs may also involve additional costs for specialized modules or add-ons.

5- Customer support and employee training

Quality customer support and employee training are crucial for the successful implementation and ongoing use of a CRM system. Some vendors offer basic support and training as part of their standard packages, while others charge extra for premium support services, such as:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Dedicated account managers
  • In-depth user training sessions.

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  1. “Software Market Insights: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” (PDF). Gartner. Retrieved September 4, 2023.

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