BlackHägen to highlight usability approaches at BIOMEDevice Boston

BlackHägen Design, a user-centred medical device development consultancy, will be showcasing its approaches to device design and usability engineering during BIOMEDevice Boston September 20-21 at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center. 

This year’s event is expected to feature more than 200 exhibitors and an attendance of over 1,400 medtech professionals.

Philip Remedios, BlackHägen Design’s CEO and director of Design and Development said: “At BlackHägen Design, our passion lies in developing groundbreaking medical device solutions that address real-world challenges. Participating in BIOMEDevice Boston allows us to share our expertise and design experience with a diverse audience of high-level medtech professionals. We look forward to engaging with attendees and understanding their project needs while gaining valuable insights into emerging technologies and trends that will inspire our future design endeavours. BIOMEDevice Boston is the perfect platform for us to reconnect with existing clients since the pandemic, and forge connections with new ones, further expanding our brand’s reach and influence in the medical device market.”

Innovations in medical devices can be transformative but will increase in pace with advanced technology ecosystems that will drive their designs. The transformation will continue to centre on the need for the device design to enable operational success from the intended end-user – patient, caregiver, clinician, and maintenance teams within the healthcare continuum. BlackHägen delivers a clear focus provided by Human Factors Engineering (HFE) approaches and realised through UX design processes will ensure that future devices can be deployed safely and efficiently with minimal training by the end user.  

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.