Attract more clients with new Barracuda Email Protection Plans

Email Protection Plans

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We are excited to share that new Barracuda Email Protection Plans are now available to MSP partners. These tested and proven plans are designed to help scale your business while meeting your customers’ email security needs.  

With today’s evolving cyberthreats, it is imperative that our protection evolves as well. Barracuda has designed a three-tier email protection package that allows you to easily protect customer’s mailboxes, users, and data against email and web threats. Below are some of the key benefits of these new plans: 

Comprehensive threat prevention 

Consolidate and simplify your security stack with Barracuda Email Protection. Through a single plan, MSPs can offer security for client’s inboxes and workstations. Barracuda Email Protection combines email-gateway defense, API-based inbox defense, and web security in one plan that is easy to manage and sell. 

Post-delivery detection and response 

With Barracuda Email Protection, you can gain access to automated incident response via Barracuda Incident Response or leverage available APIs to integrate with your choice of SIEM or SOAR platforms. Barracuda Email Protection can also integrate with Barracuda XDR, an MSP-centric platform that is backed by a 24x7x365 security operations center (SOC) with a team of tenured security analysts who proactively monitor, detect, and respond to cyber incidents on your behalf   

Data protection and enforce compliance

Barracuda Email Protection makes it easy to help customers remain compliant and stay productive during downtime. With capabilities such as a cloud archiving service, sensitive data inspection, and many more, our partners can now expand their target markets to include those with regulatory compliance needs with Barracuda Email Protection.  

Additionally, partners can also offer a cloud-native backup service for Microsoft 365. This is an important service that enables quick recovery of a customer’s Microsoft 365 environment in the event of a malware attack or accidental data deletion.

At Barracuda MSP, we deliver MSPs with cloud-based, security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use. The new email protection plans further that commitment by providing a comprehensive solution for Microsoft 365. 

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