A new Pixel mode can protect your data while your device is being repaired

has revealed a new feature for devices that’s designed to keep your data safe when it’s at the repair shop. The company that, by activating this feature, you may be able to prevent technicians from deleting and restoring your data during the repair process while making it easier for them to run diagnostics. It can also protect your data from potentially prying eyes, Google notes.

The mode is available on Pixel devices that are running the latest Android 14 update and that have at least 2GB of spare storage. go to Settings > System > Repair mode and follow the prompts (follow the same chain to turn off the feature). Google notes that even though repair mode should protect your data, it’s always worth backing up your data if possible before any repair service.

Meanwhile, Google has rolled out a new diagnostic app that you can access from your Pixel device’s Phone app. It says this should help you get a better sense of any issues your device has before a repair and to check that it’s working properly once you get your phone back. To run the diagnostics, enter #*#7287#*# in the keypad in the Phone app.

Along with helping provide any professional repair shop with the parts it needs to fix Pixel devices, Google is looking to make it easier for people to remedy issues with their phones as well. The company started offering legitimate Pixel parts and repair manuals last year (and also now through ). You should be able to find information about how to order the parts you’re looking for and view repair manuals through . Repair manuals are available from Google directly in English and French for certain devices. Manuals for more devices and in more languages will be available in the coming months.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.