A new Garmin fitness device could launch soon alongside the Venu 3

Garmin looks to gearing up for several, as yet still secretive, releases – rumors that the long-awaited Garmin Venu 3 will launch in September 2023 persist, and now another surprise Garmin device has been spotted in a regulatory listing. 

This latest device isn’t a sequel to one of the best Garmin watches, but a new heart rate monitor. News outlet Gadgets & Wearables first spotted the heart rate monitor listed on the Malaysian SIRIM database, which is a listing of telecommunications and radio equipment designed to ensure that new telecomms products comply with the country’s consumer regulations standards.

The listing was for a heart rate sensor named HRM-FIT, and that name, likely stylized HRM-Fit, follows the same naming conventions as Garmin’s current line of the best heart rate monitors, including the HRM-Pro and HRM-Dual. There’s been speculation online that the name ‘Fit’ implies it’ll be Garmin’s first heart rate monitor that can fit around your arm like some of its competitors, not just around your chest; however, this is pure speculation. 

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.