2San and Phoenix Healthcare launch self diagnostic tests

A number of self-diagnostic tests have been launched into pharmacies, following a partnership between 2San and Phoenix Healthcare, which will help speed up diagnostics and allow consumers to take control of their health.

The partnership will initially see five self-diagnostic tests made available across 380 Rowlands Pharmacy branches and 10 tests available in 5,200 Numark independent pharmacy members.

Launching into Rowlands are the 2San: Bowel Health Test (Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT);  Vitamin D Deficiency Test; 2San Iron Deficiency Test (Ferritin); Stomach Ulcer Test (H.pylori) Test; and the Thyroid Test.

Additionally, as well as the above tests, Numark will also carry 2San’s: Male Fertility Test; FSH / Menopause Test; Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test; Drugs of Abuse Test; and the Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Test.

The partnership between 2San, a supplier of innovative healthcare products and solutions, and Phoenix Healthcare, specialist in medicine distribution, pharmaceutical care and pharmacy-based services, will further normalise the self-testing that became more popular during the covid-19 pandemic. This summer, around 10,000 people in the North East trialled the PocDoc Lipid Test – a simple home-use finger prick blood test combined with a lateral flow device which can detect high cholesterol.

Self test kits are growing in popularity as patients look to avoid visiting doctor surgeries as covid-19 still lingers and also for people who wish to avoid ‘wasting time’ for what they perceive to be a small issue. They also help with the early identification of some conditions as many people are more comfortable with a self-test before they visit their GP.

The self-test initiative goes beyond just making the tests available to consumers. Rowlands will also provide online guidance and suggestions on the next steps to take if a test result comes back position. In addition, pharmacists at Rowlands pharmacies will be on hand to help consumers who need further guidance.

Stephen Thomas, superintendent pharmacist at Phoenix Healthcare, said: “We are thrilled to have these home testing kits available to Numark members and Rowlands Pharmacies. Extending diagnostics services to community pharmacies via home testing is a crucial step in supporting the NHS. We aim to educate customers on innovative alternatives that allow them to detect potential conditions early and take control of their health.”

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