Cosori rice cooker review: a countertop cooker for more than just rice

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Cosori is a brand that’s best known for its range of air fryers, several of which have featured in our best air fryer roundup . If you’re considering a countertop multi-cooker like one of the best Instant Pots, it’s not the first brand that springs to mind; and add to that the fact that this particular appliance is called a ‘rice cooker’, and it’s unlikely to top the shortlist of most people looking for a multi-cooker.

However, the Cosori Rice Cooker offers a decent range of cooking modes that make it more than just a rice cooker. With slow-cook, saute, steam, and other options, it’s a versatile countertop cooker, although unlike models from the likes of Instant Pot and Ninja, it doesn’t feature a pressure-cooking function.

It’s streamlined and compact, and arguably looks nicer than most multi-cookers around, although the 5-quart/ 5-liter capacity limits it to smaller 2-4 person households. It’s an affordably priced and easy-to-use countertop cooker, and with dishwasher-friendly parts, it’s easy to clean too.

On test it produced some tasty food, although many of the cooking times were long. Conversely, in slow-cook mode, it was a bit too quick. So it’s not perfect; but I think you’ll quickly get used to its quirks, and adjust your expectations and your recipes accordingly.

Cosori rice cooker

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Cosori Rice Cooker review: price and availability

  •  List price:  $99.99/ £119.99

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