WhatsApp working on a way to stop users from screenshotting your profile pic

Meta may be releasing yet another layer of privacy protection to WhatsApp that will prevent people from taking screenshots of

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WhatsApp is expanding Chat Lock so it syncs with other versions simultaneously

WhatsApp is working on expanding its Chat Lock feature allowing it to synchronize across all linked devices. So if you

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WhatsApp launches self-destructing voice messages to Android and iOS

WhatsApp is officially giving users the ability to send out temporary voice messages to their contacts. We say “officially” because

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WhatsApp now lets you use secret codes to lock your private chats

WhatsApp is making its Chat Lock tool even more secure by introducing Secret Codes that will hide private chat rooms.

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New WhatsApp update gives you a more secure way to make phone calls

WhatsApp is rolling out a new security feature to its Android and iOS mobile apps that will block your IP

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WhatsApp Channels may be the best way to follow your favorite sports team

WhatsApp Channels is preparing for a global tour as the feature will be released to users in over 150 countries

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WhatsApp is about to get its first AI trick – and it could be just the start

WhatsApp is taking its first steps into the world of artificial intelligence as a recent Android beta introduced an AI-powered,

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