Why Artists Hate AI Art

AI-generated art has gained massive popularity in recent years. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a skilled artist to create

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‘It’s systemic’: Loki season 2 director speaks up for Marvel’s overworked VFX artists

Loki season 2 director Dan DeLeeuw believes Marvel is starting to improve working conditions for its visual effects (VFX) artists

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Some artists are actually pretty keen to get in on AI

Generative AI isn’t all bad. That’s the message from a group of artists attempting to get more input from creatives

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This new YouTube Music feature could be the best way to discover new artists

YouTube Music is implementing a Samples tab on mobile in an effort to introduce new artists to potential fans via

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Stable Doodle AI can turn doodlers into artists

Stability AI, the developer behind Stable Diffusion, has launched a new generative AI that can turn simple sketches into high-definition

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