Alienware Aurora R16 review: a little less Alien, a little more office

Alienware Aurora R16: Two-minute review

Last year saw the release of the Alienware Aurora R15, Dell’s powerful and expensive gaming PC outfitted with some of the highest specs on the market. The Alienware Aurora R16, however, attempts something different. While it’s still a gaming desktop, it’s undergone a redesign to make it both more lightweight and to better fit an office desktop. 

Further aiding that office-friendly look is its surprisingly benign black box shape, which completely defies the normal “alien-eques” aesthetics of Alienware PCs. The only minor flaw this desktop has is the glass side panel that lets you see all the innards, aka the components. Unfortunately, the look inside is a bit boring, as Dell didn’t bother to change the interior layout from previous models.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.